Our Features


Articles & charts

it's a source of breeds & age specific basic information as ready reckoner & charts for food,food habits,health,behavior,training, grooming,accessories,new arrivals,entertainment tips and many more..


Social Network

One of feature is Social Network exclusive for Dog lovers & Dogparents to share their dog/s memorable moments among alike minded & keep update him/herself with more info about Dog World.


Camera App

it's linked with your mobile camera but with categorized photo Album's folders to save the Dog/s memories through out his/her life..


Video Album

Same as Camera App but videos can be stored categorized in mobile's memory card.


Health Tracker App For Dogs

it's a tool for monitoring and tracking Dog's health & fitness related metrics such as :
- Weight record keeping on regular interval
- Vaccination planning,reminders & record
- Medication reminders & history
- Dog Walk reminders & Record


Grooming Tracker App For Dogs

it's also a tool for monitoring & reminders for grooming activities of Dog's body such as :
- Spa & Bath reminders & record
- Nails,fur / coat cutting reminders & record


Dog Daily Schedule ReminderApp

Once you plan & feed the daily schedule of the Dog,you will get auto reminders for the schedules you have feed.


Dog Expenses TrackerApp

it's an analytical tool to have record & analysis of expenses made on / for the Dog. it's give detail monthly analysis based on category of expenses.


Experts Say

Exclusive Chat rooms to get advice from Vet Dr., trainer & about Grooming.


Dog Matting Partner App

Here DogParent can put message and search for same breed/dog for matting procedure & can approach the related Dog Parent.


Dog Adoption App

Through this feature Dog lovers . Dog parents can offer / search for adoption of Dog's at free of cost.


Nearby to me

You can find out nearby Vet Hospitals,Dog products shops, trainers,grooming spa and many more related to Dog.


Suggested Video & blog links

To have more updates about Dog World....